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My Test Data

This is a test of a system that can be used to make simple webpages from one config file. It's built on Bootstrap 5 and is fully responsive. There are multiple templates and it is very easy to add your own. There's also a table template which loads data from a local CSV file or even Google Sheets. like tables, cards, masonry to display the main content.

Name Description Review Link
Aweber Great Email Service and here's some more text to see how it wraps in the cell Love this service
Siteground Great Hosting Deals Great support - 5 stars
ACME Theme Super Fast Theme Great theme 5 stars
MetaDomainer Plugin for domainers Love this service
Simple3X Productivity Hacks Great support - 5 stars
WINSCP - FTP Client Use for FTP I use every day
XAMPP Local Host System Pretty Cool
WINSCP Tutorial How to use WINSCP Good Overview
W3 Schools HTML Tutorials Learn HTML Basics Very Helpful
Bootstrap Resources (site built on OnePageHTML) Good Bookmark
UI Gradient Gradient CSS for heros and sections Neat Site


We built this for fun


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